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What is a Long-Term Rehab Facility?

Long-term rehab centres offer extended substance misuse treatment compared to standard inpatient or outpatient programmes. Patients reside at the rehab centre, hence the term “long-term residential treatment.” The duration of treatment varies, typically lasting from 6 months to 2 years or more, depending on factors such as the patient’s needs, the facility, and the specific …

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Long-term Benefits Of Incorporating Awarness Into Addiction Recovery

Dr. Mateusz Gola’s approach to understanding addiction offers a refreshing and insightful perspective that resonates deeply with the fabric of South Africa’s societal and cultural context. At its core, Gola perceives addiction not as a disease, but as a symptom – a manifestation of the deeper distress that arises from the challenging circumstances and environments …

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Solution-focused Brief Therapy In Addiction Recovery

As a holistic practitioner in South Africa, where the fabric of our society is vibrant, diverse, and sometimes fraught with challenges, we often come across individuals yearning for a way out of the maze of addiction. For you, or someone you hold dear, battling the shadows of addiction, it’s essential to understand the tools available. …

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